Redesign Your WebsiteWell, why redesign your website?  Your organization’s website deserves continuous improvement! When you look around the Internet, you’ll see websites with outdated information or images that make the site appear obsolete – hopefully your competitors and not your own! But aside from that there are some good reasons to redesign on a frequent basis.

Websites date

Just like hairstyles, websites date. What was all the rage a couple of years ago now seems passé.  And technology changes.  Remember when cellphones weighed pounds – and could only dial? Now 70 to 80 percent of web searches are done from cellphones or tablets.

So if your site is looking a little old, tired and sporting a beehive, now’s the time to give your website a makeover and redesign your website

Stay ahead of your competition

From a marketing prospective, the Internet is a a two-edged sword. The web makes it easy for people to find information about your organization and services at the click of a button. The down side is that this holds true for your competitors as well.

To stay ahead of your competitors, your website should be better – your organization sure is, isn’t it? Realistically it should be a reflection of who you are and what your company stands for. To be successful, you need to match or beat the competition.

Keep your site fresh

It should be obvious to everyone now, that one of the great things about the Internet is the immediacy of the web! No longer are you condemned to wait for the last printed brochure to be used up before you make changes. Now you must be able to update the website content on demand. You’ll definitely want your new website to include a Content Management System… or perhaps even better is to have someone – like 3Planets – Internet Solutions – to be ready and able to create new content and update your website in a very short time-frame.

If your site’s content is stale and out-of-date, it’s certainly worth having your site redesigned to enable people in your organization to update content themselves.

Attracting More Visitors

In search engine promotion, it is no big secret that “Content is King!” – just ask Google.  And while “If you build it, they will come” may have held good for Kevin Costner, (Field of Dreams) but it doesn’t cut the mustard where websites are concerned. It might have been true in the 1990’s but certainly no longer!

A site redesign can help you to attract more visitors by building in Search Engine Friendly® “find-ability” and such.

If your visitors’ goals – and your organizations’ objectives – are not the focus of your website, it’s time to think about a redesign.

Better Site Navigation and a Redesign Your Website makes more Cents (and Dollars!)

Visitors simply will not wade through pages and pages to get to the information they’re looking for. Your visitors will just as soon visit your competitor’s website and get what they’re looking for… and purchase from them, too! As author Steve Krug argued in his classic book “Don’t Make Me Think”, don’t force your visitors to think about navigating through your website… make them think about the content and your wonderful offer instead.

How easy is your website to navigate for someone with a visual impairment? Making a website accessible is not expensive and may open new prospects.

A redesign is a great marketing and PR opportunity

A redesign is a great opportunity to connect with existing customers and prospects. It shows that you’re still “in the game”.