The other way for websites to gain visitors is to pay for it by Search Engine Marketing. Effective search engine marketing requires time and money. Any short term, quick fix search engine marketing strategy is risky and prone to do more harm than good. Ethics is important here. So is trust. 3Planets – Internet Solutions is committed to transparency in the process of search engine marketing. We take the time to educate our clients on the basics of search engine marketing and are happy to spend time to make sure we’re on the right track.

We do not make any guarantees! There are some of our competitors who will send a screen shot showing top-of-page results. By the way, those competitors are gaming you by artificially creating the ranking by using the personalized search on their browser. We will not even try!

We will not hold you to a long-term contract. We’re not leasing you our proprietary search engine marketing software, 3Planets – Internet Solutions is all about providing a service. For Google Ads, for instance, our client owns the account. 3Planets is assigned privileges, but the account is the property of the Customer. If we do not deliver, our customers may cancel with 30 days notice the privileges and engage another search engine marketing service.

Search Engine MarketingWhile we are a Web Design Firm, we will not push you to create a new website without a very good cause. It’s a rare occasion when we advise a customer to trash website and start over again. In our experience, our customers will only have to change their domain unless it’s tied to so many bad links, negative reputation, etc.

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