3Planets – Internet Solutions offers Web Developers and Web Designers their own branded web developer hosting platforms. The barrier of entry to starting a web design business is low. Consequently, there are a lot of web designers. The question is how can a web designer differentiate themselves? One way is to offer branded web developer hosting to end-customers. End-customers are very receptive to a single point of contact. If you – the web designer – are the single point of contact, you retain better control of the sales cycle.

For Web Developers, a significant cost issue is recoding portions of code to accommodate desperate computational environments. Having the same resources in the same location across servers is a cost savings. Not having to maintain the server and operating system updates is also a large cost savings. Finally maintaining the security of a server is REALLY important. 3Planets – Internet Solutions implements safeguards to prevent malicious code intruding into websites. Our monitoring and resource allocations allow us to guard your client’s environments and offer developers & designers peace of mind.

Web Developer HostingOne final argument is that web developers and web designers who do not have reoccurring sources of income are forced to take less than desirable jobs under less-than-optimal terms. Web Developer Hosting means a steady stream of hosting income allows you – the web developer and web designer – with freedom to grow your business.

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