Today a Domain Name is as important as a telephone number. Your domain is the gateway of your online business. Prospects and customers visit your website to find out what’s new. Making your domain name fit your business model is crucial to a business’ or organization’s growth. It’s worth it to give us a call or chat with us and get advice from our expert team.

3Planets has been in continuous business since 1999. We here to stay and we will be here to hold up our side of the bargain. Companies that provide domain name registration and hosting are a dime a dozen these days. We go to extraordinary lengths to protect your intellectual property – including domain name locks and domain name forwarding at no additional charge. There are no hidden fees and no crazy price fluctuations on renewals. We’re here for you – business owners who like consistency, transparency, security and a smooth process to get your domain.

Domain Name RegistrationOne common challenge is domain name registration management. Domain names can be lost if not renewed on a timely basis. Many times the underlying domain name registration information is not accurate. 3Planets – Internet Solutions will make sure that your company or organization is – indeed – the owner of your domain name. Would you be surprised to find out that many businesses or organizations domain names are controlled by the now-departed-web-guy who is no longer in business?

3Planets – Internet Solutions will reserve the domain name(s) of your choice in your name. We will make sure that as long as you are a client, your domain name does not expire. 3Planets manages the domain name registration process, so you have one less thing to worry about.