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3Planets interviewed by Troy Golden of Golden Group Real Estate

I was recently interviewed by for a podcast and videocast by Troy Golden, the president of Golden Group Real Estate. I was Troy's first guest on his YouTube Chanel. You might find it interesting.

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Why Redesign Your Website

Well, why redesign your website?  Your organization’s website deserves continuous improvement! When you look around the Internet, you’ll see websites with outdated information or images that make the site appear obsolete – hopefully your competitors and not your own! But aside from that there are some good reasons to redesign on a frequent basis. Websites [...]

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Your WordPress Website Can Be Hacked with Just One Comment

According to an article by Swati Khandelwal entitled "Hacking WordPress Website with Just a Single Comment", it is possible to hack a Wordpress website with just a single comment!  Apparently, if an unscrupulous individual places JavaScript within a comment, it is possible to have the malicious code executed by just hovering over the comment - [...]

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You Are What You Post

The increasing ubiquity of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other venues, business owners and their employees present numerous opportunities to sabotage your businesses’ revenues. "With social media, you can be vapid, boring and annoying with alarming frequency,"Patricia Vaccarino, owner of a Seattle public relations firm, warned clients in a newsletter. Vaccarino said many of her [...]

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Social Networking: Avoid Placing Your Identity at Risk

There are now more than 200 million users on Facebook. Just think, if Facebook were a country it would be the fifth largest on Earth, after China, India, the U.S. and Indonesia! And the number of European Facebook subscribers has grown by 314% over the past year to nearly 100 million users, according to a [...]

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More Advertisers Turning To Internet

The majority (92%) of advertisers are using Internet advertising in their media campaigns followed by print advertising at 88 percent, according to a new LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll. At the same time, less than half are using radio advertising (46%), television advertising (46%) and mobile advertising (39%). The Harris poll found there is a regional [...]

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