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Alex Jacobs, the principal, brings more than four decades of experience in management, system design and implementation of practical systems. Since starting 3Planets, he has been involved in the Internet and related businesses in consultative, sales and technical roles.

Website Navigation Matters

It goes without much argument that your website navigation and structure is vital to having a positive viewer experience.  And not surprisingly, a good and unambiguous website navigation helps with SEO. Your website navigation is one of the most overlooked aspects of a site’s SEO performance.  If your viewers cannot find what they’re looking for, [...]

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3Planets interviewed by Troy Golden of Golden Group Real Estate

I was recently interviewed by SeizeYourBusiness.com for a podcast and videocast by Troy Golden, the president of Golden Group Real Estate. I was Troy's first guest on his YouTube Chanel. You might find it interesting.

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Why Redesign Your Website

Well, why redesign your website?  Your organization’s website deserves continuous improvement! When you look around the Internet, you’ll see websites with outdated information or images that make the site appear obsolete – hopefully your competitors and not your own! But aside from that there are some good reasons to redesign on a frequent basis. Websites [...]

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Your WordPress Website Can Be Hacked with Just One Comment

According to an article by Swati Khandelwal entitled "Hacking WordPress Website with Just a Single Comment", it is possible to hack a Wordpress website with just a single comment!  Apparently, if an unscrupulous individual places JavaScript within a comment, it is possible to have the malicious code executed by just hovering over the comment - [...]

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Secure to promote your website

With the announcement from Google, that preferential Search Engine Optimization ranking will be given to secured websites – websites that have a SSL Certificate and are referenced by HTTPS rather than the heretofore traditional HTTP– your cost to host your business’s or organization’s website just increased.

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Dropping Web Traffic – What to do

One common issue with existing websites is the plaintive question “Why, why, why has traffic tanked to my website?” Most of the time, there is an answer! And the answer is first, don’t panic! Many people think that once a website gets built… that’s all they have to do. Visitors will magically just show up. [...]

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You Are What You Post

The increasing ubiquity of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other venues, business owners and their employees present numerous opportunities to sabotage your businesses’ revenues. "With social media, you can be vapid, boring and annoying with alarming frequency,"Patricia Vaccarino, owner of a Seattle public relations firm, warned clients in a newsletter. Vaccarino said many of her [...]

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Web Page Load Times Are Crucial to Website Success

A typical online shopper will wait only two seconds, before getting frustrated. And in a short three seconds, 40 percent shoppers will abandon the shopping site completely, according to a study conducted by Forrester Research Inc. for Akamai Technologies Inc. The study comes as retailers head into the critical holiday shopping season relying more heavily [...]

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E-Mails Can Modify Contracts

According to attorney Robert J. Ross, at the Law Offices of Robert J. Ross, located at 1622 W Colonial Parkway, Suite 201 in Inverness, Illinois, here’s another very good reason for taking a moment to think before hitting the “Reply” or “Send” button on that e-mail message… There’s an ad on the TV talking about [...]

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