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Web Page Load Times Are Crucial to Website Success

A typical online shopper will wait only two seconds, before getting frustrated. And in a short three seconds, 40 percent shoppers will abandon the shopping site completely, according to a study conducted by Forrester Research Inc. for Akamai Technologies Inc. The study comes as retailers head into the critical holiday shopping season relying more heavily [...]

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E-Mails Can Modify Contracts

According to attorney Robert J. Ross, at the Law Offices of Robert J. Ross, located at 1622 W Colonial Parkway, Suite 201 in Inverness, Illinois, here’s another very good reason for taking a moment to think before hitting the “Reply” or “Send” button on that e-mail message… There’s an ad on the TV talking about [...]

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Social Networking: Avoid Placing Your Identity at Risk

There are now more than 200 million users on Facebook. Just think, if Facebook were a country it would be the fifth largest on Earth, after China, India, the U.S. and Indonesia! And the number of European Facebook subscribers has grown by 314% over the past year to nearly 100 million users, according to a [...]

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Ten Basics for E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing has fallen out of favor. If you are using email marketing - or considering using it, you’ll understand that it’s inexpensive, totally customizable and can be targeted to fit every aspect of your customer and prospect list. Here is what we feel are the ten most important basics for anyone managing the email [...]

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It’s Backup Your Data Day!

March 31st, the last day before April Fool’s Day, is Backup Your Data Day – Don’t be an April Fool! Those of us who live in the Midwest’s “Tornado Alley”, along with our friends and in many cases family who live along the USA’s southern and eastern seaboard, are aware of the terrible, awesome and [...]

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